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Crosslinx Advanced


Crosslinx Advanced

During this 2-day interactive training is a follow-up to the Practitioner

The theory of the various elements are known and there is a basis in their practical application. The Practitioner aims to further develop the theory from the Foundation and goes deeper into the supporting elements of the method and increases your insight into the processes, principles, building blocks and leadership of the Crosslinx method®.

The Practitioner is a hands-on training and there is less theory and more application. You work out various assignments based on a case and are supported by the trainers. During the program, the correct translation between theory and the work situation is paramount.


This training requires a successfully completed Crosslinx® Practitioner and exam.

Including exam and certification.

At the end of the training you will receive a certificate of participation and after successful completion of the Practitioner online exam, a recognized certificate.


During the training you will be introduced to the philosophy, processes, principles and other elements of the Crosslinx® method. You make a number of individual and group assignments so that you can get started in your own work environment immediately after the training.

You will be guided by highly experienced trainers on the basis of an efficient and solid program with a number of practical cases. The program has been drawn up according to the requirements of the Crosslinx® Practitioner exam.

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An Operating Model is both an abstract and a visual representation (model) of how an organization delivers value to its customers or beneficiaries, and how a organization actually manages itself . ” –Willem Mosterd.

Target audience

The Crosslinx® Practitioner is intended as a basis and therefore suitable for all executives involved in strategy execution such as line managers, project managers, program manager, Business consultants and Board members.

But the Crosslinx® Practitioner is also extremely suitable for anyone who wants to gain insight into the preparation and implementation of strategies and is an excellent addition to the various program management courses.

Accredited course

This training is carried out by an accredited business partner of Crosslinx®. This ensures that this training meets all set quality requirements. The training can be concluded with the recognized Crosslinx® Practitioner exam.


The Crosslinx® Practitioner lasts 2 days (4 days-parts).

In preparation for the Crosslinx® Practitioner exam, ± 8 hours of self-study will be required depending on your experience in strategy execution.

Why Crosslinx?

Crosslinx® works with the given strategy, structure and tool-set of each organization to achieve the intended results. Crosslinx® helps to create the DNA of a successful organization from within.

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